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What Dehai Youli offers

50 sets of all kinds of high precision production equipment with high-quality products, include high-performance flat belts, transmission belt rolls, silicone rubber products, and EVA Film. The annual output has reached 300,000m.

Flat Belt For Sale
Flat Belt is a kind of transmission belt, including high performance TC belt, nylon flat belt, folder gluer belt, high efficiency tangential belt, spindle tap. We also sell roller covering and flat belt roll materials. Welcome to get free quote.
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Silicone Rubber Products For Sale
We successfully researched high-performance silicone sheets, spacecraft solar-wing vacuum airbags, high-speed rail bridge flexible connection, and other patented products, effectively meeting the demands of solar photovoltaic, aerospace, rail transportation, and other industries.
Silicone Rubber Products
Silicone Rubber Compounding
silicone rubber compound also named silicone synthesis,with its fine performance,is widely used in medical,food, household,auto industry etc.
Flat Belt Application
Flat Belt Application
DH series high speed belt is especially suitable for high speed transmission in textile industry, such as air suction, air spinning, carding machine, twister, stretch yarn machine, covering yarn machine, extra-long ring spinning, fancy twisting machine, knitting machine and so on.
Silicone Rubber Products Application
Silicone Rubber Products Application
The products are mainly used for vacuum creation of strengthening glass, sliding door glass and safety laminated glass.
Why Choose Dehai Youli
Why Choose Dehai Youli
Dehai Youli transmission Belt is committed to providing the most comprehensivesolutions for the transmission belts and silicone rubber products.

Dehai Youli transmission Belt is committed to providing the most comprehensivesolutions for the transmission belts and silicone rubber products . Dehai Youli hasbecome a one-stop professional manufacturer and service provider by integrating theglobal professional development and application team , based on traditional productstaking innovative OEM products as the direction.

Dehai Youli is keen on developing and innovating in accordance with market demand ,cooperated with university laboratories and professional R & D teams and converted 10patents , with excellent production experience , industry knowledge and R & D innovationconcepts to solve various market applications and needs.

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Definition and Raw Materials of Flat Belt
Definition and Raw Materials of Flat Belt
1. Definition of flat beltFlat belt is a kind of power transmission belt with a flat surface, usually with uniform texture on both sides, used in pulley drive system. In history, flat belts usually us...
Sep 23
Advantages of Flat Belt
Advantages of Flat Belt
1. Flat beltFlat belts are made of reinforced rubber fabric. This raw material can help flat belts provide strength and high level of friction. It can also eliminate exaggerated tension and reduce the...
Sep 16
Difference Between Flat Belt and V Belt
Difference Between Flat Belt and V Belt
Power belts have been used for more than 200 years. At the beginning the driving belt was flat and run on the horizontal sliding wheel. Later, cotton ropes or hemp ropes and V groove pulleys gradually...
Sep 09
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