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Why Are There So Many Models of Silicone Rubber Compounding?

Silicone rubber compounding is mainly divided into precipitation silica gel, gas phase silica gel, high temperature resistant silica gel, flame retardant silica gel, insulating silica gel, conductive silica gel, oil resistant silica gel, etc, 90 degree silica gel raw materials; according to the appearance can be divided into: colored silica gel, black silica gel, transparent silica gel and so on. We can choose suitable silicone raw materials according to the actual hardness, functional properties and appearance of silicone products.

1. Classification and material selection of silicone rubber compounding

Silicone rubber compounding is mainly divided into two types: one is precipitated silica gel, and the other is fumed silica gel. Precipitated silica gel is produced by precipitation method silica, with average quality and moderate price, and is suitable for production in all walks of life; fumed silica is produced by fumed silica, with superior quality but high price, and is generally suitable for above high-end products. According to our own quality requirements and cost calculation, we can choose the silica raw material corresponding to the quality.

2. Application of silicone rubber compounding in industrial production

Silicone rubber compounding is widely used in all walks of life because of its high and low temperature resistance, stable chemical properties, non-toxic and tasteless, safety and environmental protection. silicone rubber compounding is widely used, especially in craft gifts, automobile and motorcycle accessories, sanitary ware, mechanical accessories, and aerospace equipment. And we can choose silicone raw materials with corresponding functional characteristics according to the application characteristics of different industries.

3. Price and cost comparison of silicone rubber compounding

The price and cost of silicone rubber compounding are mainly divided into three categories: powdered silica gel, ordinary silica gel (precipitated silica gel), and gas-phase silica gel. Powdered silica gel is mainly produced by adding silica micropowder on the basis of precipitation silica gel. It has a wide range of applications; the price of fumed silica gel is high, mainly for the production of high-standard and high-quality products, and the amount of application is relatively limited.

4. Interpretation of silicone rubber compounding

silicone rubber compounding is also called silicone rubber, silicone raw materials, rubber mixing, etc. It is mainly made of methyl vinyl silicone rubber, silica and other auxiliary materials through high temperature mixing, so it is called silicon rubber compounding.

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