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What's the difference between a flat belt and a synchronous belt?

1. What is the difference between a flat belt and a synchronous belt?

Both flat belts and timing belts are common industrial belts, and both are widely used in industry. But some friends still don't know much about the difference between flat belts and synchronous belts. They don't know which industries they are used in ? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The flat belt can play a buffering role and can prevent the passive motor from jamming the main motor, so the flat belt can easily realize the non-parallel cooperation of the transmission, that is to say, the driving wheel and the driven wheel of the flat belt can be non - parallel, and 90 ° torsional fit.

However , the disadvantage of the flat belt is that it is easy to cause slippage, and the transmission efficiency is lower than that of the synchronous belt, because the rigid load will not be used, and the transmission accuracy of the flat belt is relatively low.

The synchronous belt drive is driven by the steel wire rope in the belt body, and the belt body has teeth, so its transmission precision is high, and the transmission efficiency is high. However, belts are not particularly useful for flexible connections to machines due to their poor cushioning and flexibility.

Ⅱ. The advantages of flat belt

1. Flat belts are suitable for transmission occasions with large center-to-center distance between two axles.

2. The transmission of the flat belt is relatively stable and noiseless during operation, and the flat belt has the characteristics of buffering and vibration reduction.

3. If there is an overload phenomenon during work, the pulley will slip on the flat belt . This slippage can prevent the weak parts of the flat belt from being damaged, and it also plays a protective role.

4. Since the material of the pulley is generally cast iron and other materials, the accuracy of the transmission ratio cannot be guaranteed.

5. Because the cost of the flat belt is relatively low, the belt body does not need to be lubricated, so the maintenance of the flat belt is relatively convenient. Flat belts feature cushioning and vibration damping.

Regarding the difference between a flat belt and a synchronous belt , the flat belt manufacturer has introduced it here, and I hope it will help you. Whether it is a flat belt or a synchronous belt, they are an indispensable part of modern automated production. Everyone can have an in-depth understanding of flat belts and synchronous belts in their spare time.

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