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What is the Structuring of Silicone Rubber Compounding?

The structuring of silicone rubber compounding

In the production process of mixed silicone rubber, the most common phenomenon we encounter is the structuring of the mixed silicone rubber. So what is compounded silicone rubber structuring? Generally speaking, the storage time of mixed silicone rubber for too long will cause the rubber to harden and reduce its plasticity. Or it may be that the material ratio of the mixed silicone rubber is not correct during the production process, and the phenomenon of structured rubber is difficult to mix during production.

In addition, in professional terms, the active silanol group on the surface of the white carbon black particles condense with the silanol group at the end of the raw rubber molecule at room temperature, which leads to the hardening rubber compound and low plasticity of the silicone rubber products. Another way is due to the white carbon The Si-OH group on the black surface interacts with the Si-O bond of the raw rubber molecule or the terminal Si-OH group to form a hydrogen bond, and even a chemical bond, which transforms the linear polysiloxane into a pseudo-crosslinked or slightly crosslinked semi-elastic state Solid structure, so the rubber material becomes hard and its plasticity is greatly reduced.

The longer the storage time, the more serious the structured phenomenon of silicone rubber compounding. The only solution can only be through rubber mixing. If rubber mixing still cannot solve this problem, then we have to go through high temperature mixing. In addition, we can mix the unstructured rubber in small batches with the structured rubber. This method can quickly refine the structured rubber and restore it to its original state.

The shelf life of silicone rubber compounding

The storage period of mixed silicone rubber can be as long as one year, but theoretically it can be stored semi-permanently. The longer the storage time, the more serious the structured phenomenon. We only need to re-mix the structured material. The structuring phenomenon of mixed silicone rubber usually occurs on high-hardness silica gel and vapor-phase method silica gel. However, with the improvement of today's technology, the structuring of mixed silicone rubber has been greatly reduced. For example, the better manufacturers of mixed silicone rubber in China are Dehiyouli Silicone. Dehiyouli produces mixed silicone rubber, fumed silicone and other special silicones. It has the characteristics of good rubber mixing, easy demoulding, and high tear resistance. If you still have any questions, welcome to consult Dehaiyouli Silicone!

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