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What Is Silicone Rubber Used For?

Among various types of rubber, silicone rubber is considered to be one of the best materials, and it is well known by the majority of users because of its special properties. It is worth noting that silicone rubber has many excellent properties, including high elongation, high tear strength, good thermal conductivity, and amazing high-temperature resistance.

It is precise because of the good performance of silicone rubber that it can play a role in many fields.

Application of silicone rubber in construction

One of the most common uses of silicone rubber is in construction. Due to its bonding properties, it can be used to bond important building materials such as concrete, plastic, glass, metal and granite. This improves the strength and durability of the structure and ensures that it is not damaged by moisture, pollution, heat and other factors. The common products are silicone rubber strips.

Application of silicone rubber in electronics

The application of silicone rubber in the electronic field is wide. It is commonly used to seal the internal circuits and processors of most electronic devices, protecting them from high temperatures, corrosion, humidity, and other conditions that may cause wear. And the silicone rubber types are various.

Application of silicone rubber in aviation

Silicone rubber has excellent properties against extreme pressure and temperature, which makes it play an important role in the aviation sector.

Application of silicone rubber in the medical field

Silicone rubber has antibacterial properties, which makes it an ideal material for making health care products.

Silicone membrane for vacuum press

Factory direct sales of silicone membrane for vacuum press with high temperature resistance, acid resistance, media resistance, corrosion prevention, high resistance to tear, long service life and other effects, a variety of sizes can be customized.

Application of silicone rubber in the industrial field

The excellent performance of silicone rubber greatly increases the scope of innovative production technology, which makes it an important part of the manufacturing process of many products. This brings many new business opportunities to the silicone rubber manufacturer.

Application of silicone rubber in pigments and adhesives

Silicone rubber is known for its viscosity and coloring properties, and it greatly improves the quality of paints and sealants. It can also ensure that the quality of the pigment is not affected under severe weather conditions.

Application of silicone rubber in the household field

Silicone rubber enhancers are used in some home and kitchen accessories. Cooking utensils made of organic silicone rubber coating has the characteristics of non-stick, sturdiness and durability, which greatly improves the cooking experience and is deeply loved by consumers.

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