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What Industries Are Mainly Suitable for Silicone Rubber Compounding?

Silicone rubber compounding is a new type of environmentally friendly organic silicon raw material, which has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, stable chemical properties, non-toxic and tasteless, etc., so it is widely used in various industries in the production process. For example, industries such as automotive and motorcycle parts, sanitary ware, medical equipment, baby products, arts and crafts, and products such as refrigerator seals, phone cases, and baby bibs that we use frequently in daily life are all produced using silicone rubber compounding raw materials.

Silicone Rubber Compounding is Non-toxic and Tasteless

Silicone rubber compounding is mainly produced by high-temperature mixing of methyl vinyl silicone rubber, white carbon black, and silicone oil. It has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, and stable chemical properties. If we produce silicone rubber compounding according to the normal formula, it will meet the requirements of various environmental inspections. Generally, silicone rubber compounding can pass relevant food-grade inspection reports such as FDA and LFGB. However, if some manufacturers add excessive auxiliary materials to the materials in order to reduce costs, it is obviously not up to environmental standards. In addition, in the production of silicone rubber compounding, if we have higher environmental protection requirements, we can add platinum vulcanizing agents or odorless vulcanizing agents for rubber production. During production, after the silicone products are vulcanized and formed at high temperatures, we still need to carry out secondary vulcanization to remove the peculiar smell. If inspection is required, we also need to boil it repeatedly with boiling water to meet the requirements of safety, environmental protection, non-toxicity, and tastelessness.

The Application of Silicone Rubber Compounding

Especially in recent years, with more and more new silicone products emerging, for example, the emergence of creative new silicone gifts such as rat poison, silicone gloves, and silicone fresh-keeping covers, the demand for silicone rubber compounding has exploded. Many newcomers who have just entered the industry may simply think that silicone rubber compounding is just one of the rubber materials, and if they need to produce silicone products, they only need to purchase silicone rubber compounding.

Actually, this is not the case. Silicone rubber compounding is divided into many types according to different functional uses. It is distinguished by hardness, with 20 degrees to 80 degrees silicone, and distinguished by characteristics, with ordinary precipitated silica gel, gas-phase silica gel, food-grade silica gel, high-temperature-resistant silica gel, flame-retardant silica gel, conductive silica gel, insulating silica gel and so on. We need to choose different silicone rubber compounding raw materials according to different industry uses. For example, for medical supplies, we need to choose food-grade silicone rubber, while for industries such as automotive and motorcycle parts, we only need to choose ordinary precipitated silica gel. In addition, for products such as refrigerator seals, we need to choose silicone rubber compounding raw materials with medium and low hardness.

Nowadays, with the prosperous development of technology, the application of rubber compounding materials in various industries and production processes is becoming more and more extensive. In the future, the demand for silicone rubber compounding raw materials will be significantly increased. Follow DEHAIYOULI and we will teach you more about silicone knowledge.

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