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High-Efficiency Transmission Belt

F/N Series-High-efficiency transmission belts include nylon flat belts, high-speed tangential belts, double leather belts, etc.

Dehaiyouli flat belt material especially suitable for high-speed transmission in the textile industry. Such as rotary spinning machine, twister, stretcher, fancy twister, also commonly used as a card, roving frame, spinning frame, drawing machine and other equipment of power transmission belt. Like double leather belt is more suitable for overload drive, cone drive, with belt change device drivers, such as a flower cleaning machine; Flat rubber belt can also be used for multi-head drive and cross drive.

H series-Folder gluer belts

Good elasticity, especially suitable for the carton packing industry.

H series-TC belts

TC Belt has the characteristics of high strength and high efficiency, soft, low elongation, energy saving, good dimensional stability, long service life, and so on. TC belt is suitable for the environment with high speed, short installation tensioning device, and temperature and humidity vary greatly.

DH Series-Roller covering 

Roller covering tape is used to increase the friction coefficient, usually used in different processes of fabric traction in the textile industry, such as used in water-jet,air-jet, rapier, projectile looms, fabric inspection machines by way of wrapping their fabric guide rollers.

HL Series-Spindle tape

Spindle Tape is mainly used for four ingots, eight ingots, and multi-ingot transmission in the textile industry. Adhesive tape spindles has excellent properties such as antistatic, wear-resistance, and power saving, and the joint mode is simple.

E Series-Elastic belt

An elastic belt is suitable for conveying solar silicon wafers and sorting and conveying post office letters. It can also be used for conveying paper in printing and packaging.

New Silica Gel Material

  • GA Series-Silicone diaphragm for solar laminator 

Silicone diaphragm for solar laminator with super high tensile mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance, mainly used in the production of solar panel industry.

  • GB Series-Silicone vacuum bag for laminated glass furnace

Silicone Vacuum bag for laminated glass furnace with  It has excellent sealing performance and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used in vacuum high-temperature furnaces to produce laminated glass or laminated marble plates.

  • GC Series-Silicone membrane for vacuum press

Silicone membrane for vacuum press with super tensile strength and tear resistance, more than 800% elongation, it also can maintain good mechanical properties under high-temperature conditions. Especially suitable for hot printing vacuum laminating industry.

  • GD Series-Silicone cushion for hot press machine

It has the characteristics of high tensile and tear strength, no deformation, uniform thickness, and high-temperature resistance. It is mainly used for pressing laminate flooring, particleboard, laminated panels, wooden doors, and furniture by hot press.

  • GE Series-Sealing silicone tube

Excellent pressure change resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, dimensional stability, excellent sealing. Mainly used in vacuum laminating machines, vacuum laminating machines, silicone sealing bags, and other parts.

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