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Silicone Rubber Products

Different Types Of Silicone Rubber Products

We are advanced HTV silicone rubber manufacturers and RTV silicone rubber suppliers. The so-called HTV silicone rubber and RTV silicone rubber are just named according to the different use and performance requirements of silicone rubber products in the silicone rubber industry. Since the vulcanization system of the raw materials is set differently, it can be divided into high-temperature vulcanization systems, the full name is high-temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber, which is HTV. And low-temperature vulcanization system, the full name is room temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber, also known as RTV. In addition to the different vulcanization systems between HTV and RTV, there are also certain differences in their applications and performance.

Silicone Diaphragm For Solar Laminator Silicone Diaphragm For Solar Laminator
Silicone diaphragm sheet is one of the important parts of the solar module laminator. Its quality is related to the quality of the module product. When propylene rubber is used, it will not cause damage to the solar cell module.
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Silicone Membrane For Vacuum Press Silicone Membrane For Vacuum Press
The silicone membrane for vacuum press machine produced by our company is made of imported raw materials coupled with superb production technology and advanced process equipment.
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Silicone Rubber Bag For Laminated Glass Furnace Silicone Rubber Bag For Laminated Glass Furnace
Silicone Rubber Bag takes the use of high temperature resistant and high tear resistance silicone plate, the thickness is up to 3mm, each layer of silicone plate can put glass with a cumulative thickness of up to 36-60mm, the processing volume is large, and the vacuum performance is good.
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Sealing Silicone Tube Sealing Silicone Tube
Silicone sealing tube is environmentally friendly made of silica gel. The iron-red sealing strips can withstand high temperature 300 (adding high-temperature resistant agent), which can prevent outside dust, air, water, etc. from entering the system. As the silicone sealing components, the product is widely used indoors and windows, high-temperature machinery and equipment and other industries.
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Silicone Rubber Compounding Silicone Rubber Compounding
Silicone Rubber Compounding is a synthetic rubber produced by adding raw silicone rubber to a double-roll rubber mixing machine or a closed kneader by gradually adding white carbon black, silicone oil, etc. and other additives.
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Application Of Silicone Rubber Products

As the environment friendly material, silicone rubber compound is suitable for molding process and extrusion process, and can be further processed into different end-products, which can be applied in auto industry, medical industry, aerospace industry, building industry, sealing industry, electronic and electrical industry, food industry, wearing industry etc. with its high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

Highlights Of Silicone Rubber Products

1, hardness is available from 30 shore A to 80 shore A;

2, temperature resistance normally is 180℃ to 220 ℃, and can be tailor-made to 250 ℃;

3, other properties also can be tailor-made (flame resistance, insulation, low hardness, self-lubricant, etc.

Silicone rubber products have good heat resistance. The heat resistance of flame retardant silicone rubber here includes high and low temperatures. Silicone rubber products are also an excellent sealing material, insulating material and isolation film. Insulation silicone rubber can be widely used in electronic appliances, machinery, construction, chemical industries and other industries

Manufacturing Products With RTV&HTV Silicone Rubber

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