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Flat Belt Roll Materials
Flat Belt Roll Materials
Flat Belt Roll Materials
Flat Belt Roll Materials

Flat Belt Roll Materials

To meet the various demands of different customers and to better serve the application market, we can also offer roll belting materials such as rubber for flat belts. With producing ability about 600 000 m², we have served many customers all over the world. Our customer consists of textile machine manufacturer, end-user, agency/dealer/distributor, from North & South America, South-east Asia, Europe, Middle-east, etc. 

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What is Flat Belt

A flat belt is a belt with a rectangular section, which is one of the drive belt types.  According to different material characteristics, layers, colors and surface shapes, they can be classified into different types, such as Ordinary flat belt, composite flat belt, woven belt, high-speed belt, rubber belt, leather belt, polyester flat belt, etc, which are widely used in various fields and industries. The flat belt transmission transmits power by the friction generated by the direct contact between the belt and the pulley. It has the excellent characteristics of stable transmission, overload automatic slip, low noise, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, etc.

Properties Of Flat Belt Materials

  • Roll material various and complete  

  • High market competitiveness

  • Low cost and high quality

  • Tensile & wear-resistant and anti-static unable,  energy-saving and weight light 

Specifications of Flat Belt Materials

Strength layer material

Cladding material

Finished product

Roll Size



Flat drive belt

Conveyor belt

Grooved belt

Spindle tapes

Tangential belt

Folder gluer belt

Roller coverings

The length, thickness, and width of roll materials can be customized according to the client's specific demand










Note: roll structure and material also can be customized according to the customer's sample or drawing

Application Of Flat Belt Materials

Because roll material can be further processed into different flat drive belts or flat conveyor belts with all kinds of materials and structures, it can be widely applied in many industries, such as the textile industry, printing industry, packaging industry, wooding industry, etc.

How to Choose the Right Material For Your Next Project

There are different drive belts in the market, such as flat drive belts, v-belt, timing belts, etc. If don’t know how you can choose the right belt for your application, please refer to the following instructions:

  • What kind of machine the belt will be used for and how about the belt working environment; 

  • What kind of material & structure you demand for the belt, such as PA, PET, LEATHER, PU, PVC, etc; 

  • What’re the specific dimensions for the belt, such as thickness, width, length, etc; 

  • Do you have any special demand for mechanical & chemical properties, such as tensile strength, elongation, oil resistance, high temperature-resistance anti-statics, etc

How to solve the problem of large permanent deformation?

Cause Analysis:

1. The ratio of raw rubber is unreasonable, low molecular weight, and low vinyl rubber are too much;

2. Low vinyl content;

3. The vacuum is not good;

4. Short high temperature time.


1. Add high vinyl raw rubber;

2. Improve vinyl;

3. Extended vacuum time;

4. Extend the high temperature residence time

 If the vulcanization time is long, how to shorten the vulcanization time?

Cause Analysis:

1. The more raw rubber with more than 1%, the easier it is to vulcanize slowly;

2. The more water content, the slower.


1. Control the vinyl content to 0.16%-0.23%, and reduce the usage of 7SK raw rubber;

2. Adding hydrogen-containing silicone oil can significantly increase the vulcanization speed (effective);

3. Reduce water content, vacuumize, or choose white carbon black with low water content.

How to solve the problem of unpleasant odor?

Cause Analysis:

1. Raw rubber quality;

2. Ingredients


1. High temperature, vacuuming (the effect is not obvious)

2. The odor can be removed by secondary vulcanization treatment (the effect is obvious, but consuming energy,customers are not willing).

3. There is no way to completely solve it now. 

4. Choose a structured control agent with a small taste

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