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Flat Belt Roll Materials
Flat Belt Roll Materials
Flat Belt Roll Materials
Flat Belt Roll Materials

Flat Belt Roll Materials

To meet the various demands of different customers and to better serve the application market, we can also offer roll belting materials such as rubber for flat belts. With producing ability about 600 000 m², we have served many customers all over the world. Our customer consists of textile machine manufacturer, end-user, agency/dealer/distributor, from North & South America, South-east Asia, Europe, Middle-east, etc. 

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Properties Of Flat Belt Roll Materials

  • Roll material various and complete  

  • High market competitiveness

  • Low cost and high quality

  • Tensile & wear-resistant and anti-static unable,  energy-saving and weight light 



Strength layer material



Cladding material


Finished product


Roll Size






Flat drive belt


Conveyor belt


Grooved belt


Spindle tapes


Tangential belt


Folder gluer belt


Roller coverings








The length, thickness, and width of roll materials can be customized according to the client's specific demand












Note: roll structure and material also can be customized according to the customer's sample or drawing

Application Of Flat Belt Roll Materials

Because roll material can be further processed into different flat drive belts or flat conveyor belts with all kinds of materials and structures, it can be widely applied in many industries, such as the textile industry, printing industry, packaging industry, wooding industry, etc.

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