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Is There a Significant Difference in the Price of Silicone Rubber Compounding Produced by Different Manufacturers?

All kinds of basic raw materials and petroleum are increasing sharply in price. Among them, the price of raw materials for mixing silicone rubber products is rising steadily. In addition, a popular silicone product exploded after the year, and the demand for silicone raw materials from downstream silicone product customers is even stronger. This is also one of the main reasons for the increase in the price of silicone rubber compounding raw materials. Therefore, under the pressure of cost, many manufacturers began to compare the prices of the manufacturers of mixing silicone rubber raw materials, so as to choose the appropriate mixing silicone rubber manufacturers to cooperate with. So is there a big gap in the price of silicone rubber compounding from different manufacturers?

The Production Costs of All Silicone Rubber Manufacturers Are Similar, and the Price Difference is Basically Not Big

Because the basic raw material for the production of silicone rubber compounding products is raw rubber, and there are not many manufacturers with large-scale production of raw rubber, the main reason for the increase in the price of silicone rubber compounding is the increase in the price of raw rubber. The purchase cost of rubber is basically the same, and most of the production technologies are not much different, so the price and cost of the silicone rubber compounding produced are not much different. Generally, the price difference of silicone rubber compounding from different brand manufacturers is mainly limited by factors such as local rent and labor costs.

Select the Appropriate Silicone Rubber Compounding Raw Material

In today's general environment, more comparisons are reflected in quality comparison, production and supply speed, after-sales service and so on. As a professional mixing silicone rubber manufacturer, it must first be reflected in the quality.If the quality is unqualified, even if the price is low, it is useless; secondly, in terms of output and delivery speed, the increase in output and delivery efficiency will improve the downstream silicone products. The speed of production and supply of manufacturers has been greatly guaranteed; finally, after-sales problems must be solved.Many salesmen will boast that no after-sales problems are the best after-sales.It is not feasible in the business of mixing silicone rubber , because silicone products The molding process is diversified, and specific mixing silicone rubber raw materials are required in different process environments, so even the best quality materials will encounter after-sales problems. We must help customers solve problems in time to be a good after-sales service.

Basic Knowledge of Silicone Rubber Compounding Production

Silicone rubber compounding is a kind of synthetic rubber with excellent comprehensive performance, which can be widely used in aviation, cable, electronics, electrical appliances, chemical industry, instrumentation, cement, automobile, construction, food processing, medical equipment and other fields.Deep processing of pressing and other machinery.The process requires high quality and is a combination of liquid silicone and plastic.Its products have good thermal stability, cold resistance, excellent electrical insulation performance, and no toxic substances will be produced when burned. After silicone rubber is mixed with white carbon black and silicone oil to make mixed rubber, the film made by calendering has obvious differences in physical and mechanical properties in the longitudinal and transverse directions.This phenomenon is the calendering effect.Specifically, the longitudinal tensile strength of the film is greater than that of the transverse direction, the transverse stretch length of the film is greater than that of the longitudinal direction, and the longitudinal shrinkage of the film is greater than that of the transverse direction.

The calendering effect is the result of the direction of the macromolecules in the rubber compound and the needle-like and sheet-like compounding agents along the calendering direction during the calendering process.The size of the calendering effect is related to the composition of the rubber material, calendering temperature, speed, speed ratio, etc.Silicone rubber compounding has excellent thermal stability, high and low temperature resistance, long-term work at -60°C~+250°C, ozone resistance, good weather resistance, good electrical properties, corona resistance, arc resistance, spark resistance, and good chemical stability , weather aging resistance, radiation resistance, physiological inertia, good air permeability.

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