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How to Distinguish the Quality of Silicone Rubber Compound?

Unlike other products, the silicone rubber compound copy can be written very wonderfully. No matter what the silicone rubber compound is, it can only write some application cases of silicone rubber compound, reflecting the usage of silicone rubber compounding materials in some customer groups. What is the difference between silicone rubber mixing and out of flakes? How to distinguish the quality of silicone rubber compound? Let's take a look together next!

1. The difference between silicone rubber mixing and sheeting

There are two forms of delivery of raw materials for silicone rubber compounding. One is that the raw rubber of silicone rubber mixing is in the form of a block, and the other is that the mixing of vulcanized and colored silicone rubber needs to be packaged through an open mill. So what is the difference between silicone rubber mixing and out of flakes?

The raw materials of silicone rubber mixing after sheeting are usually made of silicone rubber mixing raw rubber by adding vulcanizing agent and color masterbatch in an open mill, and then mixing and packaging evenly, which is generally suitable for molding silicone products. The silicone rubber compounded raw materials after sheeting can be directly put into production.

The raw material of silicone rubber compounding is usually unvulcanized and colored silicone rubber compounding raw rubber, which is usually produced by filtration and extrusion. One box is two pieces of rubber. The silicone rubber compounded raw rubber can not be directly put into production and use, and it can be used after adding a vulcanizing agent through rubber mixing. In addition, if the silicone rubber produced by the injection process or the extrusion process is mixed, it does not need to be produced after adding the vulcanizing agent after passing through the open mill, and only needs to be put into the machine in blocks and put into production.

2. The method of distinguishing the quality of silicone rubber compound

Although silicone rubber compounds look similar, each brand is different. However, there are still many people who are suffering from the distress caused by inferior silicone rubber compound every day. It's just that they haven't experienced the comparison with real high-quality silicone rubber compounds, and they haven't experienced the feeling and convenience brought by high-quality silicone rubber compounds, then may thought that as long as it was a silicone rubber compounded collagen material, it might be like this. Any product must have a contrast to produce a gap. As the saying goes, there is no harm without contrast.

Some people may use the silicone rubber compound of a brand manufacturer for several years. No matter the quality is good or bad, as long as the appearance of the produced product is flawless, it is fine as long as the produced silicone product is sold smoothly. . As everyone knows, a layman looks at the appearance of a silicone product, while an expert looks at the quality. Although the appearance cannot tell whether the quality is good or bad, just by gently pulling it with your hand and smelling it with your nose, you can accurately identify the quality. It not only wastes a lot of manpower and material resources, but also delays production.

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