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How Much Do You Know about Flat Belt Drive?

What is flat belt drive

In the flat belt drive, the power transmission depends on the friction between the flat pulley and the flat belt. The flat pulley used for flat belt drive will be modified, and tops are added at both ends to prevent the flat belt from detaching from the flat pulley. In this way, flat belts can run at higher speeds. The top of the pulley fixes the flat belt in the center. Due to the difference in tension between the tight side and the loose side of the flat belt, the effective tension of the flat belt can make the driven wheel rotate.

Materials and applicable occasions of flat belt drive

The flat belt drive is applied to the light industry. The materials used for pulleys are often cast iron, steel, and steel alloys. These metal products are usually hard, have a long service life, and are wear-resistant and durable. For low-speed and light industrial applications, wood is usually recommended. This kind of drive is operated by using flat belts or V belts. A flat belt is suitable for cases where there is a large distance between pulleys or shafts, while a V belt is suitable for short-distance cases. Click here to check more information about difference between flat belt and v belt.

Custom flat belt drive

In the power transmission device, whether it is a flat belt or a V belt, the flat rubber belts sizes can be customized, but the requirements for customization are different. Specifically, the width, thickness, and length of the flat belt can be customized. The width, length, thickness, and side angle of the upper and lower parts of the V belt can be customized. And, both ends of them will be connected with rivets, nuts and bolts, or connected by lacing or bonding methods. In addition, because of its convenience and speed, steel wires are often used to connect the two ends of the belt.

Advantages of flat belt drive

Dehaiyouli flat belt drive is suitable for the transmission of two axes with large center distance, the belt has good flexibility, can moderate the impact and absorb vibration; overload slippage to prevent damage to other parts; simple structure, low cost.

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