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How About the Raw Materials of the Silicone Rubber Compounding?

In today's new century where popular and explosive silicone products are born every day, the development prospects of silicone rubber compounding raw materials can be said to be very optimistic.

From the increasing demand for silicone rubber compounding raw materials in recent years, it can be found that it has a very considerable market space.

In the 1970s, when our industry was still dominated by the production of traditional rubber raw materials, due to the large pollution of rubber raw materials and the disadvantages of high temperature resistance, on this basis, our engineers developed a new type of rubber raw material with environmental protection and high temperature resistance - silicone rubber compounding, also known as silicone raw material, silicone compound.

1. Silicone rubber compounding

Silicone rubber compounding raw materials were used as alternative rubber raw materials in the early stage of development. For example, rubber products with environmental protection requirements were produced by silicone rubber compounding.

Therefore, in the early days, silicone rubber compounding raw materials only belonged to a subcategory under rubber raw materials, and the application scale was limited to auto and motorcycle parts, mechanical parts and traditional industrial manufacturing.

Since entering the 21st century, with the rapid economic development and global economic integration, more and more industries need to use silicone rubber compounding raw materials.

For example, refrigerator sealing strips, thermos cup sealing rings, adult product sheaths, faucet valve cores, silicone water pipes and other products, with the application products become more  and more, we have given a new term to these products, collectively referred to as "silicone rubber products".

In recent years, with the rapid rise of Internet e-commerce, many popular creative silicone gifts have been born, such as: silicone fresh-keeping lids, silicone shoe covers, silicone bath towels, silicone dishwashing gloves, rodent pioneers, cakes mold and other creative silicone products.

2. The advantages of raw materials of the silicone rubber compounding

Silicone rubber compounding has the characteristics of safety and environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, stable chemical properties, high and low temperature resistance, insulation, flame retardant, etc., and has the advantages of good transparency, easy coloring, softness and comfort, so more and more household products are used. Need to use silicone rubber mixing raw materials.

Compared with traditional rubber raw materials, silicone rubber mixing mainly has several differences in the selection of materials:

1) In terms of price, the price of silicone rubber mixing is much higher than that of rubber raw materials. If it is only used in industry and the quality requirement is not high, rubber raw materials should be selected for production;

2) In terms of quality, silicone rubber mixing has better tensile strength, and the rubber raw material is easy to break;

3) In terms of hardness, the mixing hardness of raw silicone rubber can reach 10 degrees to 90 degrees, while the hardness of rubber raw materials can only reach 40 degrees to 70 degrees;

4) In terms of appearance, silicone rubber mixing can be translucent and can be made into various colors, while most of the rubber raw materials have a black appearance.

5) In the production environment, silicone rubber mixing can achieve pollution-free production, while the production of rubber raw materials is more polluted;

3. Colored silicone rubber compounding

With the standardization of industrial technology, strict quality inspection, and rapid production, I believe that in the future, our DHAYL's silicone rubber compounding raw materials will become more and more perfect.

Silicone rubber compounding has been used more and more widely in all walks of life, and will definitely get more attention in the future.

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