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Flat Belt Application

High-strength transmission belt, PA base TC belt

The DHAYL transmission belt products of Shandong Dehai Youli have the advantages of high strength, good flexibility, small elongation, and long life. They are suitable for various high-speed spinning machines.

FC series: High-efficiency double-sided transmission belt. Especially suitable for high-speed tangential belt transmission and power transmission in the textile industry. As rotor spinning machines, two-for-one twisters, texturing machines, and fancy twisters are also commonly used as power transmission belts for carding machines, roving frames, spinning frames, draw frames and other equipment.

DH series: High-efficiency double-sided transmission belt. It has good elasticity and can be used as the transmission of the circular knitting machine.

TC series: power transmission belt. Lightweight and soft, it can be used for light transmission and conveying.


DHAYL polyester dragon belt has the characteristics of high strength and high efficiency, soft belt body, small elongation, energy saving, good dimensional stability, long life and so on. It is suitable for high-speed, short installation of tension devices, and environments with large changes in environmental temperature and humidity.

Rough rubber (roll foreskin)

Rubber roller covering tape rough surface rubber is used to increase the coefficient of friction. Roller covering tape is usually used for fabric traction in different processes in the textile industry. On the cloth guide roller of the equipment.

Energy-saving Spindle Belt

Spindle belt is mainly used for four-spindle, eight-spindle and multi-spindle transmission in the textile industry. It has excellent properties such as antistatic, abrasion resistance, and power saving, and the joint method is simple. FA503 are used as cotton spinning spindle belts;FX and VC are used as spinning frames and twisting machine spindle belts in cotton spinning, chemical fiber, wool spinning and other industries.

Especially For Long Fiber Double Twister Machine, High-Speed Rotary Belt

DH series nylon flat belt has a simple structure, mature manufacturing technology, and favorable price. The nylon belt with anti-static, strong tension, flexible, high efficiency, good wear resistance, long service life, widely used in the transmission mechanism compact, high line speed, high-speed ratio of transmission machinery.

Spindle belt is mainly used in the cotton spinning frame and wool spinning, flax, glass fiber twisting machine to adapt to four spindles, eight spindle and multiple spindle drive, easy joint long life.

Main Features Of Flat Belt Application

  • Light, thin, power saving, small elongation after use, long life.

  • Wear resistance, flexible, oil resistance, resistance to general chemicals.

  • Moderate friction coefficient, no skid, no debris, small air resistance in operation, spindle speed is stable, each ingot with small speed difference before the belt.

  • The use of the quick adhesive joint, joint flat, overlapping thickness basically keeps the thickness of the belt body.

Application of Flat Belt Uses

Due to the great performances & characteristics of flat drive belt, it is widely applied in many flat belts for machinery, such as textile, home appliances, office automation (OA), light industry, electronics, agriculture, etc. For example, for the textile industry, it can be applied for frame machines, twister, spinning machines, weaving machines, etc

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