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Differences Between PO Film and EVA Film

What is PO film? PO film is a polyolefin, a new type of agricultural film developed by Japan. In recent years, several PO film manufacturers have appeared, and the quality of their products is uneven, which also causes problems for shantytowns in choosing films. Next, DEHAIYOULI NEW NENRGY will talk about the characteristics of PO film and EVA plastic film, hoping it can help you.

PO film

As a new type of agricultural film, PO film naturally has its advantages.

1. It has excellent transparency and a feeling of seeing through at a glance.

2. The PO film with a long service life of 12 filaments can be used for more than 3-5 years.

3. The heat preservation performance is strengthened, and it has the functions of non-dust and anti-static and easy to clean.

4. Reducing disease is suitable for the production of pollution-free vegetables, which is very suitable for China's planting conditions and has been recognized by customers.

EVA plastic film

EVA solar film is a kind of thermosetting adhesive film, which is used in the middle of laminated glass. Due to the superiority of EVA plastic film in adhesion, durability, optical characteristics and so on, it is more and more widely used. Used in current components and various optical products. Mainly used for outdoor construction highly transparent EVA film, decorative glass, civil engineering, EVA solar film, reinforced film, sliding door film, photo film, crystal photo album special film, special film for corner protection, safety coffee table laminated film, self-adhesive Color film, PET back film, and other transparent films, etc. Wholesale products directly from eva film manufacturer.

1. It is easy to store in a greenhouse, even if it is placed in a humid place, it will not be affected.

2. Low melting point and strong ability to adapt to harsh environments.

3. EVA plastic film provided by a EVA film supplier has stronger sound insulation effect than PVB, especially high-frequency sound effect.

Both PO film and EVA plastic film have their own characteristics and relative advantages. It depends on which kind of film you are more suitable for, so that the desired effect can be achieved!  Contact us, we are your trustworthy solar eva film manufacturer.

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