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Definition and Application of the Nylon Flat Belt

Nylon flat belt definition

First of all, the nylon flat belt is a flat high-speed transmission belt. Usually, we call it a base belt. There is a nylon base layer in the middle of the base belt, and the surface is covered with rubber, cowhide, and fiber cloth. The belt thickness is usually in the range of 0.8-6mm. The material structure of nylon flat belt is innovative and unique. Compared with traditional canvas transmission belts and triangle belts, it has the advantages of strong tension, flex resistance, high efficiency, low noise, fatigue resistance, good wear resistance, and long service life.

Nylon Flat Belt Use

Nylon Flat belt application is wide. Flat rubber belts are used in applications where the transmission mechanism is compact, the line speed is high, and the speed ratio is large. The main applications are as follows:

  • Flat belts suitable for textile industry

(1) Nylon flat drive belt is used for tangential transmission of tangential belt series. Such as steam spinning machine, two-for-one twister, texturing machine, velvet twister, blower belt.

(2) Flat rubber belts are used for parallel or double-sided transmission flat belt series. Such as flat belts and spindle belts for carding machines, roving frames, spinning frames, draw frames, circular knitting machines, etc.

(3) Flat rubber belts are used for the flat belt series of overload or cross-transmission such as single-sided chrome leather (cowhide) and double-sided chrome leather (cowhide) flat belts.

(4) Flat rubber belts are used for hanging brown belts of looms and parallel drive flat belts.

(5) Flat rubber belts are used for conveying and conveying conveyor belts.

  • Flat belt series suitable for light, medium-sized machinery or printing machinery transmission or material conveying in various industries

  • Transmission flat belts for large and medium-sized machinery under severe environments such as oil pollution, such as paper machines, ventilators, mixers, rolling mills, turbines, marble cutters, pumps, etc.

Flat drive rubber belts are known for their high reliability and long service life, and are suitable for all kinds of harsh applications and harsh environments. The tensile layer is highly elastic and can withstand impact loads to prevent permanent elongation.

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