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Application Skills of Reclaimed Rubber in Rubber Flat Belt

The rubber flat belt is a kind of transmission belt made of rubber. The ordinary rubber flat belt is generally processed and produced with natural rubber as the main raw material; mixing an appropriate amount of reclaimed rubber in the production formula of the natural rubber flat belt can reduce the cost of raw materials;

However, in actual production, reclaimed rubber cannot be added and used casually. Flat belt manufacturers need to select appropriate reclaimed rubber products according to the specific needs of flat belts, reasonably determine the amount of reclaimed rubber, and appropriately adjust the rubber flat containing reclaimed rubber with recipe.

1. Which reclaimed rubber can be used in rubber flat belts

Among the various reclaimed rubber products, latex reclaimed rubber, tire reclaimed rubber and isoprene reclaimed rubber HYL23Y5Y2L-SJ are all ideal materials to reduce the cost of natural rubber products.

Latex reclaimed rubber is closest to the performance structure of natural rubber; the main components of tire reclaimed rubber are natural rubber, synthetic rubber and carbon black, which have good compatibility with natural rubber; isoprene reclaimed rubber belongs to "synthetic natural reclaimed rubber", which has both It has the characteristics of natural rubber and synthetic rubber; in theory, all three can replace natural rubber to produce rubber material for each layer of flat rubber belt, reducing the cost of raw materials.

2. Factors that should be considered when choosing reclaimed rubber for flat rubber belts

When choosing a reclaimed rubber raw material that reduces the cost of the rubber flat belt produced with natural rubber as the main raw material, it is first necessary to preliminarily determine the reclaimed rubber type according to the color of the rubber flat belt. Generally, the light-colored rubber flat belt cannot use black natural reclaimed rubber and tire reclaimed rubber, you can only choose between light-colored latex reclaimed rubber and isoprene reclaimed rubber.

According to the requirements of various indicators of the rubber flat belt, select the reclaimed rubber product that is closest to its indicators and conduct the test; finally, according to the test results, the proportion of reclaimed rubber added is reasonably adjusted, and the product formula and production process conditions are appropriately adjusted.

3. Selection skills of compounding agents in rubber flat belts of different colors

Rubber flat belts can be roughly divided into black flat belts and light-colored flat belts according to color. Among them, light-colored rubber flat belts should avoid the use of black rubber reinforcing agents or adhesives; when using reinforced carbon black, colorants can be added for tinting if necessary. Black rubber flat belts are usually reinforced with carbon black.

When using reclaimed rubber to replace natural rubber to produce rubber flat belts, rubber product manufacturers not only need to choose appropriate reclaimed rubber and compounding agents, but also need to reasonably determine the amount of reclaimed rubber according to the specific needs of each layer of rubber material for flat rubber belts.

When using nitrile reclaimed rubber to replace nitrile original rubber to produce low-hardness oil seals, flat belt manufacturers must reasonably select nitrile reclaimed rubber according to actual needs, and reasonably adjust the oil seal formula containing nitrile reclaimed rubber. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of oil seals, reduce more raw material cost and production input.

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