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All You Need to Know About Silicone Rubber Compounding

Silicone rubber compounding is also known as silicone compound rubber or silicone raw material. It first appeared in the 1970s and is a new type of environmentally friendly rubber raw material. With the rapid development of the economy, the rise of the silicone product industry, silicone rubber compounding materials have gradually entered people's vision, and are widely understood and applied. Its development history mainly includes: DMC → methyl vinyl silicone rubber → silicone rubber compounding → silicone products. Today, we will mainly learn about the product information of silicone rubber compounding, which is mainly suitable for various gift handicrafts and industrial products. It has a wide range of applications in various industries through high temperature molding or extrusion vulcanization.

The Main Characteristics of Silicone Rubber Compounding

1. Compared with traditional rubber materials, the significant feature of silicone rubber raw materials is its environmentally friendly and odor-free nature, which is well-known, so some rubber materials in daily industrial production have been replaced by silicone raw materials.

2. It has high and low temperature resistance. Silicone raw materials can be used for a long time in environments ranging from -60°C to 230°C. In addition, they can be manufactured by special processes to produce high-temperature-resistant silicone raw materials that can withstand temperatures of up to 300°C.

3. Chemical performance stability, it will not react with any chemical substance except strong acid and alkali.

4. Excellent arc resistance, insulation and flame retardancy, which can be widely used in high voltage electrical appliances.

5. It has good physiological inertia and is radiation-resistant and anti-aging.

6. It is lightweight and has a low density, which can effectively save production costs.

7. It has good transparency and can adjust the transparency according to the actual needs of users, and can even achieve high transparency or even complete transparency.

8. It has excellent coloring ability. Silicone rubber raw materials can be made into various bright and colorful colors, and the cost of adding color is low, making it widely used in craft gifts.

9. It has good tensile strength, and silicone rubber raw materials have the characteristics of no deformation during stretching.

The Main Classification of Silicone Rubber Compounding

1. According to quality, it is divided into: precipitated silica and fumed silica.

2. According to functional uses, it is divided into: food-grade silicone, industrial silicone, high-temperature-resistant silicone, flame-retardant silicone, insulating silicone, conductive silicone, anti-static silicone, oil-resistant silicone, etc.

3. According to production process, it is divided into: compression molding silicone, extrusion silicone, roller silicone, and calendering silicone.

4. According to appearance color, it is divided into: translucent silicone, high transparent silicone, and various colored silicone raw materials.

Silicone rubber compounding is suitable for a wide range of industries such as craft gifts, automotive parts, mechanical parts, bathroom cleaning products, sealing materials, high-voltage electrical appliances, military products, aerospace, etc. Silicone rubber compounding materials have a wide range of applications in our daily life, such as phone cases, refrigerator seals, baby pacifiers, placemats, water pipes, gloves, etc. They are all produced using silicone rubber compounding materials.

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