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After-sale Service

To provide customers with a better cooperation experience, and to get a timely in-depth understanding of market feedback, we have built a complete set of after-sales service standards and are equipped with the corresponding after-sales service team.

  1. Product traceability helps to accurately analyze customer problems

    From raw materials to semi-finished products, finished products, and every production link, there are detailed records, which can quickly reverse analyze customers' problems and find out the root cause.

  2. Relevant departments work together to improve the quality of after-sales service

    Sales Department, technology department, production department, quality inspection department, financial department, and other departments are all important parts of our after-sales service team. Through efficient communication and cooperation among them, we can better solve the problems of customers.

  3. Take the initiative to follow up with customers and increase mutual trust

    We will keep customers updated with payment progress, production progress, and logistics situation, and do a good job in the market dynamic research and analysis by following up on usage state.

  4. Timely and effective feedback for customer after-sales problem

    After confirming the customer's after-sales problems, communicate with relevant departments immediately, and give the customer feedback or final solution in the shortest time of the day.

  5. Provide comprehensive after-sales service

    Whether it's about technology, quality, logistics, price, or market, we will provide corresponding guidance and answers by a professional team and personnel.

  6. Return and exchange service can be provided for products with quality problems

    In case of product quality problems, a return and exchange service is available, under the condition that the details of product problems are verified clearly and agreement is reached after negotiation.

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