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Advantages of Flat Belt

1. Flat belt

Flat belts are made of reinforced rubber fabric. This raw material can help flat belts provide strength and high level of friction. It can also eliminate exaggerated tension and reduce the need for bearing load. The transmission power of the flat belt is as high as 150 horsepower/inch. Such exaggerated power transmission makes the operation speed of the flat belt even exceed 20,000 miles per minute.

2. Advantages of flat belt

There are many advantages of flat belt. And the ultra-high efficiency of close to 99%, which is a significant advantage of flat belts. The reason why it can have good efficiency is due to the low power loss during use. The flat belt is composed of a driving wheel and a driven wheel. The driving wheel transmits power to the driven wheel through the flat belt and drives it to rotate. The flat belt has a thin cross-section, which allows it to wrap the pulley firmly without being easy to loosen. When the belt rotates in the clockwise direction or the belt moves from the driving wheel to the driven wheel, the upper part of the belt is in a sinking state, which is called the slack side of the belt. The lower part of the belt under tension is called the tight side of the belt. There is a friction between the belt and the pulley to provide grip, so that the power is transmitted between the two belt pulleys almost without loss.

In the operation of flat belts, pulleys play a vital role. Moreover, alignment correction can increase the service life of the belt. In addition, by transforming one of the pulleys (usually a larger pulley), the belt drive can also be greatly improved. In actual use, timely calibration of pulleys can greatly help extend the service life of flat belts.

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